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Root any model/variant of Htc One M8 easily. HTC One M8 AT&T, HTC One M8 Verzon, HTC One M8 Sprint, HTC One M8 Google Play Edition, HTC One M8 International variants, ETC.

Today is the day when Android.Root.Central is presenting the most effective step by step guide to root any model/variant of HTC One M8. The below guide will surely help you out to safely root your beloved One M8, don’t worry about your variant as this guide is prepared to root the following HTC M8 variants:
  • HTC One M8 AT&T
  • HTC One M8 Verizon
  • HTC One M8 Sprint
  • HTC One M8 Google Play Edition
  • HTC One M8 International Variants
  • HTC One M8 all Models/Variants

Thanks to the Developer Hasoon2000  for presenting  HTC One M8 2014 All-In-One Toolkit,featuring many important Android Development tasks such as: Unlocking Bootloader, Flashing Custom Recovery(CWM, TWRP), Rooting, Installing HTC USB Drivers, & a lot more.
Well i guess this is enough for the intro on How to Root HTC One M8 AT&T-Verizon-Sprint-Google Play Edition-International-ETC. LETS DO IT !

 Requirements & Perquisites:

  1. HTC One M8 with Unlocked Bootloader, refer to this quick guide if your bootloader is still locked : HOW TO UNLOCK HTC ONE M8 BOOTLOADER OF ALL VARIANTS.
  2. A Windows (Xp-Vista-7-8) based computer system.
  3. Download the latest  HTC One M8 2014 All-In-One Toolkit.
  4. Charge your phone upto 70% to prevent any harm.
  5. Backup all your Data on a secure system.
  6. In this guide we will be flashing a Custom Recovery to Root One M8, so in the below steps firstly we will learn how to flash custom recovery on HTC One M8 and after success we will know the rooting procedure.

 Steps to Flash Custom Recovery on HTC One M8:

Step1: Download the latest  HTC One M8 2014 All-In-One Toolkit and unzip/extract it somewhere on your computer.
Step2: Now prepare the phone for flashing Custom Recovery by enabling USB Debugging. For this go to Settings >>About >>Software Information > Tap build number few times to until you see a ”you are now a developer” message.
Step3: After that simply tap Settings>>Developer Options and check USB Debug option.USB Debugging

Step4: Now run HTC One M8 2014 All-In-One Toolkit  and connect One M8 to the computer using data cable (You might be prompted with the below confirmation box after connecting to PC, just check ‘Always allow from this computer’ and hit OK on Mobile)
enable usb debugging

Step5: You might have installed HTC USB Drivers during Bootloader Unlock process, If not highlight ‘Download HTC Drivers’ option in the toolkit & hit OK. You will be landed to a web page, grab the drivers and the toolkit will automatically install them.
htc usb drivers download & install

Step6: Next good thing is to flash Custom Recovery on M8 to gain Root Access, just highlight the custom recovery you want to flash (CWM, TWRP, OR Any other Custom Recovery Of your choice), Hit ‘OK’ after your one m8 flash custom recovery

Step7: You will be prompted with a Command Line Window, when M8 boots back into Fastboot Mode close this Command Window.HTC One M8 Custom Recovery Flashing

Step8: Another CMD Window will appear just after you close the first one. When this Window says finished close it too.
close window

Step9: With the help of volume buttons on M8 highlight Reboot option in Fastboot Mode & hit power button to complete the normal Reboot.

Congratulations you just flashed a Custom Recover on HTC One M8 easily. The next move is to Root One M8 & lets do it!

Steps to Root HTC One M8 ATT-Verizon-Sprint-Google Play Edition-International-All Other Variants:

Step1: After flashing custom recovery on HTC One M8 reconnect your device to computer and run HTC One M8 2014 All-In-One Toolkit again.
Step2: Now in the toolkit highlight the ‘Perm Root’ option under Extras and hit ‘Run’.
root htc one m8

Step3: You will be prompted with a command line window, close it once you notice a file transfer.

Step4: The device will reboot in Recovery Mode as below, tap on install option.
TWRP Htc One M8

Step5: Select the file from the list. HTC One M8

Step6: After that simply swipe to flash it.
HTC One M8 root

 Step7: The root exploit will be flashed with in few seconds, Reboot from recovery & congratz for rooting HTC One M8 easily.

Now when you have a Rooted HTC One M8 on Android 4.4.2, grab some root required Apps from Google Playstore, flash custom roms of your choice and have fun :) Come back to us for more easy & quick rooting tutorials for Android devices. Let us know about your Rooting experience in comments below!

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