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Top 5 KitKat ROMs for the Galaxy S3

Top 5 KitKat ROMs for the Galaxy S3


The rumors about whether or not KitKat would make it to the Galaxy S3 got us thinking about the best custom ROMS for the Galaxy S3 on the KitKat code base. Even if the firmware does now look like it will arrive in some parts in the next couple of months it could still be months longer before it has filtered out to everyone. Even then there's no guaranteeing it won't be chock full of bugs like the Galaxy S4 firmware. But why wait when you can install one of the many custom ROMs already available?
android 4 4 kitkat logo
Why wait for Samsung to send you KitKat? Get it right now with a custom ROM! / © Google/AndroidPIT

1. CyanogenMod 11

© Cyanogen
Of course we'll start proceedings with the most popular custom ROM cooked especially for the World's Most Popular Android. The latest version of this ROM, CM 11, is based on the stock Android 4.4 firmware. Among the advantages of this ROM, in addition to the numerous and timely updates, are improved battery notification, profiles and themes, and the ability to overclock (modify the rate at which processor cores work).

2. OmniROM

ic launcher
© OmniROM
CyanogenMod isn't perfect – there have been some camera app issues reported – so many users looking for an alternative turn to OmniROM. OmniROM is actually built largely by former Cyanogen developers, and despite being recently launched is already achieving great success. Among the novelty of this ROM is the possibility to optimize battery life by creating profiles. Check the latest nightlies available for the Galaxy S3 on the OmniROM website.

3. SlimKat Stable 3.0

 © SlimROM
SlimROM's team launched a cooked ROM based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat which is interesting because it is supposed to be lighter, hence the name. SlimKat aims to set your device's memory free in order to offer your Galaxy S3 more freedom to use dynamic applications. The latest version,RC3, was launched few weeks ago and has been performing well. Those who have installed RC3 say it is smooth and offers interesting options for customization. We tend to agree.

4. Resurrection Remix ROM

© ResurrectionRemix
The Resurrection Remix ROM is based on the latest draft AOSP (Android Open Source Project), and comes from the point of view of open source everything: so you'll find features taken fromAOKP, CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android, and manufacturer stock ROMs. The great advantage of this ROM is that it offers the best of each of the most popular custom ROMs. There's a lot going on though, so you'd want to be right into your ROMs to make the most out of this one.

5. NeatROM

NeatROM is like a tricked out SlimKat ROM.! / © NeatROM
NeatROM is another Android 4.4.2-based AOSP ROM that comes from the hand of a recognized developer called Sale from XDA Developers. It is available for both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2.NeatROM is like a tricked out SlimKat with tons of customizations and characteristics such as those found in NOVA Launcher as well as some typical features such as the KitKat camera widget on the lock screen and the classic transparent notifications bar.
Has anyone tried these ROMs on your S3? If so, please let us know your favorites and why!  

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